Calamondin Orange/ (Citrus madurensis)  Topf17cm Höhe50-80cm

Calamondin Orange/ (Citrus madurensis) Topf17cm Höhe50-80cm

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Country of origin: Philippines and China
Maximum height: 10m
Winter: not less than +1 ° C
Propagation: seeds, cuttings
Location: bright, sunny
Water needs: more
Nutrient Requirements: Medium
Humidity: Medium
Growth: Small powerful
It has small oranges and their way is very floriferous and very many bears fruit.
She is a chef and orange is used exclusively only for the marmalade production.
The Calamondin Orange Flowers and bears fruit all year round.
These are harvested throughout the year and are about 5-6cm in diameter spherical.
The fruit is orange colored exterior and its flesh is sour.
The branches have are small, few thorns and their leaves bright green and oval.