Caryota mitis (fishtail palm) in MAISAN Plant granules pot Ø32cm height150cm

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Caryota mitis (fishtail palm) in MAISAN pot Ø32cm height150cm
Plant granules with water level indicator and in a Lechuza plastic pot silver and beautiful design


Name: Lat. mitis = soft

Country of origin: India, Southeast Asia

Resident to cold: -2 °

Maximum growth height: 5 - 10 m

Propagation: Seeds and side shoots

Location: Light Rain

Water needs: more

Nutrient requirements: high-nitrogen fertilizer

Humidity: High

An interesting, attractive, Horst fine, bushy-growing kind, all alone with its

foliage like a tail fin of the fish looks striking. Their tribes are close together

Lying and can reach up to 10cm in diameter. Caryota mitis is widespread in their home

and is used to cover shacks. For us it is like to be happy as well as sophistication and

Bought a potted palm. It is also fully compatible and Sun's robust.

Maisan is the optimal long-term care for all plants. Maisan plant granules are tried and tested by the company Maier and are thus an optimal solution for the supply of plants. The advantages of Maisan plant granulate are obvious: Use for all plants by the additives lava, bimbs and zeolite, trace elements are washed out and thus stand the plant Simplified pouring - thanks to highly visible water level indicator Improved room climate - through high water evaporation Planting granules for a perfect room climate Maisan with Poraver ensures balanced indoor green. Plants are vital, indeed vital for us humans. Including plants in the buildings therefore has some advantages. But so that plants can improve the indoor climate, regulate the humidity or set design accents, the nutrient base of the plants has a special meaning. Maisan has developed an innovative plant granulate for all houseplants, which ensures optimal long-term care for indoor planting. The patented composition of 30% Po-raver (expanded glass granules), other selected additives and long-term fertilizer, sufficient vital trace elements are given by leaching to the root of the plants. The expanded glass granules ensure ideal capillarity of the substrate mixture and thus a balanced water-air balance in the root area. Compared to conventional substrates, there is no wetting of the material. Visually unsightly efflorescence or dusting are barely visible thanks to the creamy white Poraver material. The plant granules facilitate the water supply of the plants and improve the indoor climate additionally by an increased evaporation. Indoor greening has been proven to increase sales in green shops and can reduce sick leave in offices and businesses by up to 40%. Indoor air, where we spend at least 85% of our time, is getting worse and worse. The reason for this is always denser and better insulated houses, too good closing windows, too little ventilation, too much dust, etc. This creates dry air and dry mucous membranes in the mouth and nose, which in turn increases the risk of getting sick. Instead of the necessary and healthy 50 - 60% humidity prevail mostly only "sapless" 30%. According to a recent survey of businesses and organizations, 84% of respondents believe room planting would increase employee productivity, 91% believe houseplants bring "warmth" to premises, and 98% answer indoor plants in reception areas create a comfortable atmosphere , Reason enough to put on houseplants with the ideal nutrient base.