Citrus Buddha's Hand'(Citrus medica´Digitata`)Topf19cm Höhe50-80cm

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Buddha's Hand '(Citrus medica' digitata ', Citrus medica var sarcodactylis)

Country of Origin: Southeastern Asia, China and Japan
Winter: not covered by 10-15 ° C.
Propagation: seeds, cuttings
Location: bright, sunny
Water needs: more
Nutrient Requirements: Medium
Humidity: Medium
Growth: Small powerful
One of the most interesting forms of citrus out there, and also the intense fragrance of citrus
they distributed without the profile of rubbing already.
It grows very strong and the branches it has long pointed needles.
Their foliage is dark green, oval and toothed.
It is very floriferous and the blooms are slightly reddish.
The blooms are a bunch together and spread more on the tree.
Their fruits are already visible with small fingers and ripe fruit can
up to 20cm long and hard to 3kg.
Their flesh is light green and divided in10 to 13 segments, equipped and is very small in relation to an embryo.
The shell is very thick, yellowish and smelly and mostly used for jams,
Liqueur and lemon peel used.
The Chinese and Japanese have the fruit already known 1000 years ago to appreciate and scented her clothes.
You gave this fruit as an offering, and was regarded as wealth.
Newly discovered German chefs Buddha's Hand 'for the aromatic flavor of desserts, fish and meat.
She is keeping good posture as pot outdoors in summer and warm in winter time in a residential installation.