Citrus delicosa (Citrus mandarin)Topf35cm Höhe120-180cm

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Delicosa Citrus (Citrus mandarin)

Country of origin: China, Japan, Algeria o
Maximum Height: 3-4m
Winter: not +5-10 ° C.
Propagation: seeds, cuttings
Location: bright, sunny
Water requirement: little
Nutrient Requirements: Medium
Humidity: Medium
Growth: Stocky and thin branches
The tangerine is a popular citrus fruit with a thin shell, the Orange too many sweets, Jams, juices and so is offered for consumption.
It has a dark green, dense crown with narrow elongated leaves.
The flowers are small, white and intensely sweet smell.
Their flesh is very juicy and has small seeds.
The area should be in the spring to autumn are in full sun, or warm in bright rooms. And be cast only when the leaves begin to roll in on itself.
Then vigorously and pour every 14 days to 3 weeks apart with a special citrus fertilizer fertilizer from April to October.
The hibernation should be in a cool light place, where there is no draft but is often revealed.