Coffea arabica (Kaffeestrauch) Topf10cm Höh30-40cm

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Coffea arabica (coffee bush)

Country of Origin: Ethiopia's high altitude
Temperatures: between +20-25 °
Growth Height: 2-3m
Propagation: Seeds
Location: sunny-bright
Water needs: more
Nutrient requirements: a lot
Humidity: moderate
Growth: Medium.
Flourished: the 3rd-4.Jahr, then periodically

The coffee bush or tree can grow up to 5m and its branches are branched. Its leaves are dark green pointed oblong and can reach a length up to about 8-20cm. Under its leaf axils he trains some short inflorescences, with fragrant blooms have been making itself felt. The ripening cherries are at the beginning and be green harvested until they are red. The elongated, ovoid drupe usually has two or three chambers and the seeds or stones are the so-called coffee beans. Originally, Coffea arabica from the southwestern Ethiopia The coffee is but in the meantime with various types in too many other subtropical countries such as Brazil, etc. attached. Is as a container plant in any bright living area in summer to keep the garden easily.