Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger Topf14cm Höhe50-100cm

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Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger (Red Tiger Banana or Darjeeling Banana)


Country of origin: Northeast India Manipur 1900m

Cold resident to: leaves -3 ° C, stem -5 ° C rhizome or root ball -10 ° C

Height of growth: 5-7m

Propagation: seeds u. Offshoot

Location: light, partial shade

Water requirements: a lot

Nutrient requirements: a lot of nitrogen fertilizer (blue grain)

Humidity: high

Growth: fast

A Musa species from Northeast India that grows in the mountain forests up to 2000 meters. One of the most beautiful and frost-tolerant banana trees that is suitable for planting out in any garden. The leaves are narrow and have red striped spots and the underside is also slightly reddish. It grows very quickly and can be up to 7 meters high and your trunk can be up to 45 cm thick. It gets its fruits in 3-4 years, they are edible and taste sweet. The plant then dies, but has previously produced plenty of offshoots. With good winter protection of the rhizome (rhizome) the mother plant drives, with about 3-5 Kindl next spring.

Winter protection:

In late autumn, cut the plant down to approx.50cm and attach a rabbit fence with a diameter of 50cm around the stump and fill it with leaves or straw. Then cover the top with a film (not on the side) and fasten with a cord.