Passauer Goldpomeranze (Poncirus trifoliata) TopfØ18cm Höhe60-80cm

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Passauer Gold Pomeranian (Poncirus trifoliata)


Sown: Three-leaved orange

Country of origin: Central North China & Japan

Maximum height: 5m

Minimum temperature: -25 ° C

Propagation: seeds, cuttings

Location: bright- sunny

Water requirements: much

Nutrient requirements: medium

Humidity: medium

Growth: medium

A breath of gold is the Passau gold pomeranian (Poncirus trifoliata) is the winter hardest

Citrus species that can be planted in Europe.

In the town of Passau there was a great tradition in all areas of European garden culture for centuries.

The cultivation of lemons, oranges and pomeranians is scientifically proven in the Hofgarten in Hacklberg.

The cultivation of citrus fruits has been part of the model of the Stadtgärtnerei Passau since 2010,

and ten Poncirus trifoliata have been exposed to climatically favored sites in the city of Passau,

which are well suited for winter use and have been bearing many golden fruits for years.

Another tip: The best place for the Goldpomeranze is a wind-sheltered sunny location.

The flowers smell wonderful in orange and the fruits taste bitter aromatic,

which in autumn yellowish / orange color.

The fruits are used for jam and liqueur production

Its name is also the three-leaved orange which has long thorns on the petioles.

This plant in the garden is unique, one plants it out and has no more work with it,

except when it blooms the orange odor to breathe.