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Palms are not bought somewhere, palms are bought from the palm bolet network to the palm professional, from pocking, the Rottaler bathing triangle.

Our slogan, good quality at an affordable price and quick shipping.

We deliver Europe far, Germany and Austria are free. Our plants are selected, high -quality specimens, such as a variety of frost -hard palm trees, room palms, exotic, Mediterranean, plants and accessories.

A touch of gold !!!

The Passau Gold Pomerance, Poncirus Trifoliata, the three -leaf orange is hardy with a minimum temperature -25 ° C.

In which garden is it not yet freely planted? The maximum growth height: 5m.

It is the hardest citrus art that can be planted out in Europe.

In the city of Passau there has been a great tradition in all areas of European garden culture for centuries.

The breeding of lemons, oranges and pomerances will be scientifically verifiable in the Hofgarten in Hacklberg from 1554.

Also beautiful palm trees for little money.

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