Bio Trissol Zitrusdünger von Neudorf 250 ml

Bio Trissol Zitrusdünger von Neudorf 250 ml

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Citrus fertilizer Bio Trissol von Neudorf 250 ml

Description and application:
Organic liquid fertilizer from vegetable raw materials for the sustainable nutrition of citrus plants. The additional iron content ensures healthy growth and lush green leaves. The 250ml bottle is sufficient for 50 liters of water and the viscous and stinking of the fertilizer is a sign of good quality. Is an organic NPK fertilizer liquid using herbal substances.
3.0% N total nitrogen - 1.0% P / 2 O / 5 total phosphate - 5.0% K / 2 total potassium oxide
Citrus plants need optimal care from spring to fall, with all the nutrients they need. The organic liquid fertilizer Bio Trissol Citrus fertilizer consists of renewable raw materials, so it is purely vegetable origin. It contains all the main nutrients for the plant and in addition a large number of trace elements. Enzymes and growth-promoting substances ensure vigorous growth, rich flower formation and good fruit development.