Chamaerops humilis var. Cerifera (Blaue Zwergpalme) Topf 90cm Höhe 200cm

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Chamaerops humilis var. Cerifera (Blue dwarf palm)

Resident to cold: -15 °
Maximum growth height: 6m
Propagation: Seed or well-rooted side shoots
Location: Light full sun
Water requirement: low
Nutrient Requirements: low
Humidity: medium

A very robust, emergent, slowly growing in stature as the fan palm Chamaerops humilis
looks, but their leaves are blue-gray and silvery shimmer in the sun.
She is on the petioles very much afflicted with thorns and is slowly growing.
An ideal container plant for the garden and terrace.
The blue dwarf palm tree is where several yellow blooms in spring pockets between the stem and petioles.
Their flowers are male, female, or hermaphrodite and the grape-shaped seeds hang on
Flower stems and are green, brown at maturity.