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Citrus Clementina (clementines)


Country of origin: Corsica
Maximum height: 5 m
Winter: not less than +1 ° C
Propagation: seeds, cuttings
Location: bright, sunny
Water requirement: little
Nutrient Requirements: Medium
Humidity: Medium
Growth: Small powerful
She is a natural hybrid between mandarin orange and was discovered by Mr. Clement 1906th
The Clementine is as tall as your other Citrus species and has a finer branches with few
garkeinen or thorns.
She is a floriferous varieties and carries plenty of good tasting seedless fruits.
Is also very cold tolerant and is an evergreen tree with a dense crown of leaves from the little louder elongated leaves.
The Clementine is an orange-colored shiny shell with numerous oil glands, and
the interior of the fruit is composed of 8-12 Speitel or ribs.