Cordylline australis Atopurpurea Topf 17cm Höhe 80cm

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Cordylline australis Atopurpurea

Cordylline australis Atopurpurea (Red Cabbage Palm)
Cordyline australis 'Red Star', Red Cabbage Palm


Country of origin: Australia
Resident to cold: -10 ° C
Maximum growth height: 12m
Propagation: Seeds- Head cuttings
Location: hell
Water requirement: low
Nutrient Requirements: low
Humidity: Low

Is an unpretentious, friendly frost the plant with its shiny dark red leaves provides an excellent
contrast between palm trees and other plants.
Even with freezing drives them with a few new cast out again and then nice bushy.
These side shoots can also be separated off and put in sand for propagation.
It flowers usually in late summer and their blooms can fill the garden with fragrance and with a süslichen fragrance.
Requires a well drained soil and they should definitely not always have a wet floor, otherwise it gets a root rot.

Planting and care instructions.
Cordylines are actually very robust agave plants that are represented by 15 species and tolerate some frost and also not sensitive to drought sensitive and love it rather dry than wet.
It is important to use good water permeable soil when repotting in a larger pot.
In no case harms sand and lava granules.
Absolutely needs a very sunny location and it is sufficient once a year and in April with a long-term fertilizer Osmocote Exact High K 12-7-19 + TE of the new 4th generation of 5-6 months the Cordylinen all nutritional value and trace elements they broke off.
If for some reason the leaf crown should break off or rot, the plant is not dead yet.
But your characteristic is to branch out or drive out several young shoots down at the root base. Even after flowering, it branches out, as in a cutback who they are too high, can be very beautiful, impressive showpieces in the bucket attract.