Ravenala madagascariensis -Baum der Reisenden Topf 30cm Höhe 200-250cm

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Country of origin: East Africa Madagascar

Cold resident up to: + 1 °

Hibernation: at + 18 °

Maximum growth height: 10-15m

Propagation: seeds

Location: half shady and sunny

Water requirement: high

Nutrient requirement: medium

Humidity: high

Ravenala madagascariensis tree of the travelers belongs to the monotypic genus

to the family of the Strelitzia family or Strelitziaceae.

Known as the traveler's tree because in the nighttime cold the desert area

the dew water is passed over its leaves and stems into the water pockets and stored.

Thirsty hikers were able to drink the captured water and many survived

through this beautiful water-giving plant.

Her herbaceous leaves are dark green, up to 3m long and look like rudder leaves,

which are arranged on your woody trunk diversified. Another special feature is

that the plant always grows in east-west direction and thus is a guide.

Their inflorescences are white to yellowish and grow out of the leaf pockets

and are optimal for bird pollination.

Even lemurs contribute to the pollination, because they like to eat the nectar.

Ravenala is also a coveted plant for collectors and Musa lovers or banana lovers.