Yucca elephantipes 1trunk Branched potØ40cm height100cm

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Elephantipes Yucca (Yucca, Yucca, wonder wood)

This plant gets you with an order.

Country of origin: Central America
Resident to cold: -1 ° C
Maximum growth height: 5 m
Propagation: Seeds and cuttings
Location: bright and sunny
Water requirement: little
Nutrient requirements: low
Humidity: Low
Belongs to the Agavengewächsen - yucca and it is called often with a false name,
such as yucca.
Coming from Central America, it is fast growing, thick-stemmed at the base and has a crown of leaves
from about 30-40cm long and 4-5 broad dark green leaves which have a spike at the tip.
One of the most widespread type Sten yucca and found almost in every household.
Should be a little cast on each case and can be placed outdoors in the summer months.